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Start: 09/07/2016 12:00:00 am
End: 04/10/2017 12:00:00 am


Experiments Program

During Increment 49 and 50, 1913 sessions in 66 experiments are planned to be implemented.
60 experiments were initiated in the previous Increments, 6 experiments (Zarevo, Profilaktika-2, Sarkolab, Mikrovir, Probiovit, and Timer) are new experiments.

Breakdown of Experiments by Research Areas

Research Area Experiment Name
Physico-chemical processes and materials in space conditions Kristallizator, Plazma Crystal, Zarevo
Earth and space sciences BTN-Neutron, Dubrava , Napor-mini RSA, Relaksatsia, Seismoprognoz, Uragan, Ekon-M
Man in space Algometriya, BIMS, Biocard , Vzaimodeystviye-2, DAN, Cardiovector, Kontent, Korrectsiya, Cosmocard, Matryoshka-R, MORZE, Motocard, Neuroimmunitet, Movement of fluids, Pilot-T, Profilaktika-2 , Sarkolab , SPLANH, UDOD
Space biology and biotechnology Aseptik, Biodegradatsia, Bioplenka, Biorisk, Kaltsiy, Konstanta-2, Conjugation, Mikrovir , Poligen, Probiovit, Produtsent, Rastenia , Regeneratsia-1, Fagen, Phoenix, E-NOSE, RR
Technologies of space exploration Albedo, Bar, Vector-T, Vibrolab, Vizir, Vynoslivost, Identifikatsiya, Izgib, Kontrol, Otklik, Restavratsia, Sreda-MKS, Timer
Education and promotion of space research Great Start, Inter-MAI-75, Kulonovskiy Kristall, About Gagarin from Space RadioScaf
Experiments, performed according to the NASA-Roscosmos protokol dated July 18, 2013 SPHERES - ZeroRobotics, EarthKAM, Microbiological monitoring, Rodent studies


(September 7 - October 30, 2016)

  • Final unloading, loading waste of Progress MS-02 vehicle;
  • Undocking of spacecraft Progress MS-02 from TC of SM;
  • Docking of SC Cygnus OA-5 to Node1-Nadir using SSRMS;
  • Launch of two ISS-49/50 Russian crewmembers and one NASA ISS-49/50 Expedition crewmember by spacecraft Soyuz MS-02;
  • Docking of Soyuz MS-02 spacecraft to Mini Research Module Poisk (MRM2);
  • Partial unloading of Progress MS-03 vehicle;
  • Operational support for loading and undocking of Soyuz MS spacecraft from Mini Research Module Rassvet (MRM1) (return of three ISS-48/49 Expedition crewmembers);
  • Support of the Space Station functionality;
  • Performance of the science and application research program and experiments;
  • Conduct of the onboard photos, video imagery of the ISS RS flight history and performing operations under the symbolic activity program.

The ISS-49 crew consists of 3 persons (September 7 - October 21, 2016), 6 persons (October 21 - October 30, 2016).

(October 30, 2016 – April 10, 2017)

  • put into orbit onboard Soyuz MS-03 spacecraft one Russian crewmember and two NASA crewmembers of Expedition 50/51;
  • dock Soyuz MS-03 with the Mini Research Module Rassvet (MRM1);
  • load and undock spacecraft Cygnus OА-5 from Node2 Nadir port;
  • docking of spacecraft HTV-6 with Node2 Nadir port and its unloading;
  • loading and undocking of spacecraft HTV-6 from Node2-Nadir port;
  • docking of spacecraft Dragon SpX-10 with Node2-Nadir port and its unloading;
  • loading and undocking of spacecraft Progress MS-03 from DC1 Pirs;
  • docking with DC1 Pirs and partial unloading of Progress MS-05;
  • providing support for loading of Soyuz MS-02 and undocking it from Mini Research Module Poisk (MRM2) (return of three crew members of Expedition ISS-49/50);
  • maintaining the space station in working condition;
  • performing four EVAs from the US Orbital Segment;
  • carrying out a program of scientific and applied research and experiments;
  • performing onboard still and video photography to chronicle the ISS RS mission and activities under the program of symbolic activities.

Expedition ISS-50 has a crew of 3 (Oct 30 – Nov 21, 2016) and of 6 (Nov 21, 2016 – Apr 10, 2017).