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Start: 09/26/2013 12:00:00 am
End: 02/03/2014 12:00:00 am


Experiments Program

During ISS-37 and ISS-38, 565 sessions of 43 experiments are planned to be implemented. 33 experiments were started in the previous increments. 10 experiments (Napor-mini RSA, Seismoprognoz, Motocard, DALNOST', About Gagarin from Space, Virtual, SPLANH, Rasteniya, Akvarium and Kaplya-2) are new.

Breakdown of Experiments by Research Areas

Research Area Experiment Name
Earth and space sciences BTN-Neutron, Vsplesk, Microsatellite, Napor-mini RSA, Obstanovka, Relaksatsia, Seyner, Seismoprognoz, Uragan, Ekon-M,
Man in space Vzaimodeystviye, Matryoshka-R, Motocard, Chromato-Mass Spectr M, Virtual, SPLANH
Space biology and biotechnology Aseptik, Bacteriofag, Biodegradatsia, Biorisk, Kaltsiy, Kaskad, Konstanta, Lactolen, Struktura, Akvarium, Rasteniya
Technologies of space exploration Albedo, Bar, Vector-T, Vizir, VIRU, Vynoslivost, Dalnost', Identifikatsiya, Izgib, Kontrol, Sreda-MKS, Kaplya-2
Education and promotion of space research Great Start, Kulonovskiy Kristall, MAI-75, About Gagarin from Space


(September 11 - November 11, 2013)

  • Launch of two ISS-37/38 Russian crewmembers and one NASA crewmember by Soyuz TMA-10M vehicle;
  • Docking of Soyuz TMA-10M vehicle to Mini Research Module Poisk (MRM2);
  • Docking of Cygnus Orb-D1 to Module Node2-Nadir using SSRMS manipulator;
  • Loading and undocking of Cygnus Orb-D1 vehicle from Node-2-Nadir using SSRMS manipulator;
  • Loading and undocking of ATV-4 from SM IC;
  • Undocking of Soyuz TMA-09M vehicle from MRM1 and docking to SM IC;
  • Launch of one ISS-37/38/39 Russian crewmember and two NASA crewmembers by Soyuz TMA-11M;
  • Docking of Soyuz TMA-11M vehicle to Mini Research Module Rassvet (MRM1);
  • Operational support for loading and undocking of Soyuz TMA-09M vehicle from SM IC (return to the Earth of three ISS-36/37 crewmembers);
  • Performance of one EVA from the Russian Segment;
  • Support of the Station functionality;
  • Performance of the science and application research program and experiments;
  • Onboard photographic/video recording of the ISS RS flight history;
  • Relaying Olympic torch:
    - delivery of Olympic torch by Soyuz TMA-11M vehicle;
    - relaying Olympic torch during EVA-36 for 10-20 minutes;
    - return of Olympic torch by Soyuz TMA-09M.

The ISS-37 crew consists of 3 persons (September 11 - 25, 2013), 6 persons (September 26 - November 07, 2013), 9 persons (November 07 - 11, 2013).

(November 11, 2013 - March 11, 2014)

  • docking of Progress M-21M with the instrumentation and propulsion compartment of the SM
  • partial unloading of Progress M-21M;
  • docking of spacecraft Cygnus Orb-1 to Node2-Nadir port using SSRMS manipulator and unloading;
  • Progress M-20M loading and undocking from DC1 Pirs;
  • docking of Progress M-22M with DC1 Pirs;
  • partial unloading of Progress M-22M;
  • loading and undocking of spacecraft Cygnus Orb-1 from Node2-Nadir port using SSRMS manipulator;
  • performing of two EVAs from the Russian Segment;
  • performing of two EVAs from the American Segment;
  • loading of Soyuz TMA-10M and it undocking from MRM2 (return of three crew members of Expedition ISS-37/38);
  • maintaining the space station in working condition;
  • carrying out a program of scientific and applied research and experiments;
  • performing onboard still and video photography to chronicle the ISS RS mission and and work under the symbolic activity program.

Expedition ISS-38 has a crew of 6.