Monitoring of GLONASS navigation field along Russian transport routes in the High Northern and Southern Latitudes.
IAC PNT at TsNIImash is a ROSCOSMOS Decision Support Center for Positioning, Navigation and Timing.
About center

Information and Analysis Center for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (IAC PNT) provides scientific and technical support for GLONASS maintenance and development, performs Systems research on Positioning, Navigation and Timing, ensures independent monitoring and confirm GLONASS performance, provides informational and methodological support for GLONASS civil users.

Monitoring and assessment of GLONASS performance
  • independent monitoring and forecasting of the main of main GLONASS performance;
  • determination of GLONASS user performance.
Systems Research for PNT development

  • concept development of prospective GLONASS – the basis for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT);
  • mathematical models, dummy satellites of GLONASS and PNT capabilities are developed at the Center, scientific experiments are conducted;
  • scientific and technological groundwork for prospective GLONASS is being done.

Informational support for GLONASS users

  • informational and methodical support for GLONASS civil users (;
  • mobile monitoring and assessment of radio navigation fields, testing of navigation user equipment, analysis of jamming and spoofing are performed.

International activity

IAC PNT coordinates the activities on compatibility and complementarity of navigation satellite systems to create conditions for using GLONASS worldwide, to promote GLONASS services on the world market of navigation services within the framework of international cooperation and large-scale implementation of GLONASS-based technologies.


Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) is a leading global navigation satellite system. The main GLONASS goal is to determine the position of land, sea and air objects with high precision. Completely deployed GLONASS constellation is composed of 24 satellites.

Today, JSC «TsNIIMash» has unique technical and human resources to fulfill tasks of GLONASS civil infrastructure management, control and confirmation of GLONASS performance, scientific and technical support for GLONASS maintenance and development.

Information and Analysis Center for Positioning, Navigation and Timing at JSC «TsNIIMash» is an engine of GLONASS development for the purpose of social and economic development of the Russian Federation, international cooperation and scientific research.

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Mobile Instrumentation and Diagnostics Laboratory (MIDL) is developed at TsNIImash IAC PNT. MIDL is a multipurpose laboratory for mobile monitoring, assessment of radio navigation field, testing of radio navigation equipment for users, analysis of interference environment and identifying of interference sources. The laboratory is based on a KAMAZ six-wheel rough terrain truck and a minibus. MIDL is used for monitoring along Russian transport routes, within the city, in the airport areas and on highways under difficult conditions. MIDL took part in numerous maritime expeditions in the high northern and southern latitudes.

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