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Fundamental space research

SC Bion-M N1

Over the April 19 to May 19, 2013 period the flight of the spacecraft Bion-M N 1 took place - the world only automated biological satellite, specialized in complex of fundamental and applied research on the effects of space flight factors on biological objects. Researchers and experts of TsNIImash participated in this mission not only in the normal scientific and technical support of the design and development work, but also as participants of space experiments and developers of scientific equipment - seven Biocont-B biocontainers.

SC Foton-M N4

In July – September 2014, during the 45-day flight of the Foton-M spacecraft N 4, 115 of 130 planned space experiments were successfully performed regarding: space materials science, protein crystallization under space flight conditions, physics of the extreme state of matter under conditions microgravity, the study of phase transitions of eutectic alloys, microgravity physics, experiments on the control and management of the level of residual microaccelerations on board spacecraft, space biology, physiology and biotechnology, control cosmic radiation, as well as a practical evaluation technical experiment of new method of temperature control. Seven of the 22 scientific instruments of Foton-M N 4, were designed and manufactured at TsNIImash.